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I am perhaps better known as the founder and CEO of LiveCode, a programming environment. I started coding as a teenager and released my first app in high school. I went full time when I was 17, talking a few friends into not going to university with me. LiveCode’s motto is “Develop Yourself” – a play on words – you can develop your own apps with our technology, and you need to develop your own broader skills and capabilities to be successful both as a coder and in life or in business. Its a motto that I live and breathe, as that has been the story of my own life.

What I haven’t talked about publicly before is that from the age of 15 to 35 I fought (and eventually won!) a prolonged battle with recurring, treatment resistant depression…

I ended up learning everything I could about the condition, making progress in fits and starts before eventually well and truly beating it. I’ve enjoyed five beautiful, consistent stable years of life where my mood is bright and I trust my intuition. I wake up in the morning grateful for each day and do not take anything for granted.

I want to share what I learned in that journey. I read dozens of books, hundreds of studies and indeed tried over 80 approaches almost all of which had at least some scientific evidence going for them. From Medication to Meditation, from Paleo to Personal Growth Workshops, or from Cognitive Therapy to Candibactin, I’ve researched, experimented with and documented one thing after another. I’ll do my best to create videos on as much of what I’ve learned as I can about what works and what doesn’t (but may still be worth trying for you).

I chose “Annihilate Depression” because I truly see it as something that needs not just to be partially treated but as something that its worth persisting with until you can annihilate it. My goal is to try to create the resource I wish I had in the early days when I was fighting this. When I was in the thick of it I often felt isolated and alone, like there was no end in sight and no way out. It also took a long time to truly beat it. In those years I either worked on my mental health or on my business, which meant I sacrificed a lot of other things in life for many years. My heartfelt hope is that by sharing everything I’ve learned, I might be able to dramatically speed up the process for you if that is where you are now. Whenever you are at, whether you’re really going through it at the moment or you are part way recovered and looking to improve further, I hope some of the content here could be useful.

It’s worth saying that the ideas and content expressed on this site and in my videos are my opinion. I am not a doctor and I do not have a medical qualification. Please only use the information in these videos as an aid to working with your own trusted and qualified medical practitioner.

You can reach me on twitter @KevinPKMMiller or email. I wish you good luck and a good journey.

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