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Organizations Who can Help

If you’re affected by any of the issues discussed on this website and want to talk to someone then there are organizations that can help. If you are in doubt about whether or not to talk to someone then I would very much encourage you to do so.

If you’re based in the UK the BBC maintains an excellent list of links to organizations that can help. If you’re based in the USA then the National Institute of Mental Health maintains a list of organizations here. If you’re outside those countries and need to speak to someone, search the web for someone in your location.

My Approach To Evidence

Throughout my channel you’ll see and hear references to evidence in support of the various interventions that I discuss. Broadly I break down the evidence into two categories: Scientific Evidence and Compelling Anecdotal Evidence. Most of my content falls into the category of Scientific Evidence. I’ll also give a little bit of a steer as to the level of Scientific Evidence wherever I can – for example whether it’s really well studied or more preliminary. I’ve included these labels so you help you make informed choices (in conjunction with your doctor).

For a full explanation of why I’ve chosen to include these different  types of evidence, what makes the cut and what exactly I mean by these labels please see the video Understanding The Scientific Evidence Used In This Channel.

Resources Discussed on YouTube

I’ve collected together links to the books or supplements I’ve discussed in my videos here. I’ll be adding new videos regularly and will add links here as I do so. You can also find these links below each video.

These are affiliate links, which means that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Producing and editing this channel takes time and money, so I have chosen to use affiliate links to help support this effort. Please know that I will not recommend anything that I haven’t tried or studied myself.

Bad Science

The Feeling Good Handbook <– Highly recommended

Man’s Search for Meaning

Alpha-Stim (UK only – other countries may require a prescription)

Coming Soon

Over the coming months I will add additional resources as I continue to create videos. To be notified when there is anything new available, please subscribe to my email list using the link at the bottom of the page. I won’t sell your details or send you spam.

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